Bards of the Green Code Prompt ESG Challenge

13 April 2024

Bards of the Green Code: ESG Telco Challenge, sponsored by Open Data Playground and PoliJEs, challenges students to create sustainable solutions for the telecom sector using Palantir’s Foundry for data analysis and GPT for document drafting.

Scheduled for April 13, 2024, this 2.5-hour event encourages teamwork among PoliJEs participants to tackle ESG complexities and propose eco-friendly initiatives. It not only fosters responsible practices and technological proficiency with partners like Palantir and Fastweb Digital Academy but also opens pathways to career opportunities, emphasizing data analysis and creative skills enhancement.


Business Game Prompt Engineering


PoliJEs Students


13 April 2024 2h 30min


2 Palantir Foundry certification, recruiting opportunities and ZeroCO2 trees

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JEToP is the Junior Enterprise of the Polytechnic of Turin, founded in 1995. With over 100 Junior Entrepreneurs, JEToP offers a wide range of digital, marketing, design and event management services and products.


JEMP - Junior Enterprise Milano Politecnico is a university entrepreneurial initiative in which passion and talent materialize in a path of growth and development.


Open Data Playground

Hackathon and data challenge platform to solve business and CSR problems and to train your analytical skills on real datasets.

Technical partner


Palantir helps the world's leading institutions use their data to solve their most pressing problems, integrating and analyzing it so they can answer questions they couldn't before.

Training Partner

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Fastweb Digital Academy

The specialist training school for young people and adults to acquire fundamental digital skills and excel in the current job market.

Sustainability Partner​

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Benefit company, certified B Corp, committed to developing innovative nature-based solutions to mitigate the climate crisis, safeguard ecosystems and support people.

How to

Event reserved for participants of the PoliJEs event organized by JEToP and JEMP. The event will be held at Talent Garden – Fondazione Agnelli via Giuseppe Giacosa 36/38, Torino.

This hackathon will take place on Palantir in Open Data Playground’s Foundry suite.

Palantir Foundry unifies, manages and analyzes data from multiple sources to improve decisions and collaboration. It offers a single platform to access and analyze data, facilitating collaboration between teams and enabling you to make better decisions based on evidence.

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Training courses preparatory to the event

These paths are preparatory to better face the hackathon experience.


In order to use the Palantir Foundry Suite, participants will have to complete an online training course that will allow them to understand the logic and functionality of the tool they will have at their disposal.

This will be essential to ensure they are prepared for the challenges proposed by the hackathon.

Fastweb Digital Academy

Training paths have been chosen by the Fastweb Digital Academy which allow you to improve the soft skills contextual to the chosen course, which are essential for completing the hackathon.

These paths will allow participants to acquire the right transversal skills to be able to collaborate with their colleagues.

At the end of each course, participants will obtain a digital certificate of participation, with a badge that can be displayed on LinkedIn.


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