The CyberHack 2023 is oriented to the search of young talents in the Cybersecurity Offensive field for job opportunities.

The hackathon, in collaboration with Hack The Box, an important and innovative online Cybersecurity training platform, will be held on 11th March 2023.

There is no better way, for university students and graduates, than a game and a challenge to tackle a complex issue such as Cybersecurity.

As a player of CyberHack 2023, you will be able to experience new approaches to problems, enlarge your network and put into practise your knowledge on real case studies.

By sponsoring the CyberHack 2023, you will be able to increase the visibility of your brand within the Italian Cyber ​​​​community and hire the candidates with the best skills.


Capture The Flag challenges based on Cybersecurity


11th March 2023
24 hours


Young Talents, Students and Graduates


Monetary prizes, recruiting opportunities and so much more


Hack The Box

A famous hacking playground and infosec community with over 1,7 million members that learn, hack and play, exchange ideas and methodologies.


Swiss company that provides security solutions to protect customers' IT and OT environments from IT, physical and cyber-physical threats.

Open Data Playground

The hackathon and data challenge platform to solve real business and corporate social responsibility problems and train your analytical skills on real datasets.

Open Search Net

The first recruiting boutique, based in London, specialized in Italian STEM profiles identified globally.

Sponsors of the event


PwC Italy

PwC Italy provides a wide range of professional services in an integrated and multidisciplinary way, combining knowledge of local markets with a global organization.

Nexi logo


Nexi is the leading PayTech in Europe that offers technologically innovative solutions, guaranteeing a comfortable and secure payment and collection experience.

Other sponsors

Fastweb Digital Academy

Fastweb Digital Academy

The training school to acquire essential digital skills to excel in the job market, with specialized courses on Cybersecurity.

Media Partner



Tech Magazine committed to disseminating and promoting knowledge of emerging technologies by analyzing their impacts on our possible and alternative futures.

Technical Partner

Talent Garden

With its 23 campuses in 8 countries, it is a leading company in Europe for the offer of innovative coworking spaces, training and major events.


Agid-Agenzia per l Italia Digitale

Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale

The technical agency of the Prime Minister which guarantees the achievement of the objectives of the Italian digital agenda and contributes to the diffusion of information and communication technologies.

Cyber Ecosystem

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Experiment new problem solving approaches and test your knowledge on real cases.
Register to the event on Open Data Playground!

Are you a University?

Do you want to give visibility to your educational institution and involve your students in an innovative project?
Schedule a call with us to find out all the details and advantages reserved for universities!

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How to

The hackathon will be focused on proposing a bunch of challenges in Capture The Flag mode that will cover the main issues of Cybersecurity.

The competition is aimed at students and graduates from Italian universities to test their skills and also to have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge.

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Rewatch the webinars waiting for the event

Internal Security is underrated - Parte 1
Internal Security is underrated - Parte 1
Internal Security is underrated - Parte 2
Internal Security is underrated - Parte 2
Internal Security is underrated - Parte 3
Internal Security is underrated - Parte 3
Internal Security is underrated - Parte 4
Internal Security is underrated - Parte 4
Offensive Security: think like an attacker!  - Parte 1
Offensive Security: think like an attacker! - Parte 1

Free webinar

While waiting to discover and participate in the CyberHack2023 challenges, you can follow the webinar “Offensive Security: think like an attacker!” by Nexi, sponsor of the event.

During the webinar we will learn the benefits of developing a forward perspective in order to increase defensive capabilities and systems resilience.

Webinar CyberHack Nexi

Organizer Team

Aldo Razzino

Aldo Razzino

CEO & MD at Open Data Playground

Roberto Chieppa

Roberto Chieppa

Entrepreneur in Cyber Security, Executive C-Level in Sales, Marketing & Digital at BCyber

Gianluca Boccacci

Gianluca Boccacci

Leader Ethical Hackers at BCyber

Riccardo Casalino

Riccardo Casalino

Founder & Chief Growth at BCyber

Andrea Barracu

Andrea Barracu

Cyber Security Executive Advisor at Open Data Playground

Chiara Bruno

Chiara Bruno

Manager at Open Data Playground

Matteo Nucita

Matteo Nucita

Marketing & Communication Intern at Open Data Playground

Elena Fiorani

Elena Fiorani

Growth Hacker at Open Data Playground

Giulia Di Pietro

Giulia Di Pietro

UX/UI Designer at Open Data Playground

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